Food Riddles: Guess what food answers!

Hello guys! Today I have the answers for the two food riddles we posted a few days ago. I apologize for the lateness of this post. the following are the answers! Comment if you guessed right. -Whimsical Words  Pickles!! Pretzels!!


Food Riddles: Guess the food

Yesterday some CAAP bloggers combined with magic pencils for an awesome treasure hunt! This brought us all around Park! At the end we got some interesting food to taste test. The catch was: We had to have our eyes closed while tasting! It was lots of fun! Afterwords, we wrote riddles about one food we …

Check out CAAP’s Food Truck.

Do you hate packing lunch? Do you like fresh hot and healthy food for lunch? I know I do. Lunch at CAAP is way better with a hot slice of pizza. At lunch go and check out the food truck! Bring a dollar or two and enjoy a piping hot slice of delicious pizza. If …


Photo is fun!

Have you seen fellow CAAP campers walking around Park with cameras? Those are the awesome CAAP photographers! I (Whimsical Words) am one as well! Three days ago for my birthday I received a digital camera. I love taking photos. In photo, you learn how to use the camera. You can bring your own camera and …