CAAP is over?! :(

Wow. I cannot believe that CAAP is over! I had so much fun here! To be honest, this has got to be my favorite camp! I hope everyone has an awesome rest of summer!


My dream Job. Part 4

Okay we're here at math finals. I finish with a 77. I'm pretty upset. I do a lot of make-ups and I'm able to finish math with a solid A. All the rest of my classes had A's or A+'s. I'd finished with straight A's. I continued to do weekly weekend livestreams. Life was great. …


Hello blog readers. Today I wanted to take about something a lot of people have: Phones. Today I had writers' block so bear with me! Okay phones. There is many types of phones, smart phones and un-smart phones. When phones were first invented, they had one purpose- calling. Now in 2017 phones aren't used very …