Message From the Evil Overlord

Greetings my minions, I'm so sorry this summer is over. Every summer I will give one clue to who I am. So this summer's clue is that my mentor is Leslie Odom Jr as shown above. I will keep writing about my experiences. Please comment on my things. Thank you...


The Evil Overlord

To quote Umbridge"Now I will make this very clear". For this report I will reporting on Joker. Fine, I have to say "your creepy" but here a few tips: one turn more people in to clay-faces. Two, smoke bombs for life!!! Use more of them. Bye

The Evil Overlord

Not enough people have seen Star Wars, so sorry Star Wars fans no Evil Overlord reviews on star wars characters. Now, for the annual report: If you have read The Series of Unfortunate Events you know that the bad guy is "Count Olaf". Sorry Olaf but you are lame. Although you do have good master-plans. …