Vegan Pets: My Opinion

Well guys today I decided to talk briefly on a controversial topic in the Vegan community. Vegan pets. So lets get right into the blog. My personal opinion on vegan pets is that it is not necessary. ¬†While most pets (cats and dogs) can break down herbivore foods it is not a preferred food. I …


My Dream Job. Part 3

Okay I believe we're here in May or June. I saw that I had 96 subscribers. Yikes! 4 more until 100. I decide to go and Livestream. Normally I don't really Livestream but hey, I just need a few more subscribers. So I decide to stream. Once I hit 100 subscribers I go crazy. Things …

NotYourAverage Notice ;-)

Hey peeps, sorry for the silence from me recently. I have been working on other articles and blogs so you should be hearing from me by tomorrow. But, for now, that is all I have to announce. See you guys soon. -NotYourAverageVegan