NOTICE for how to create the perfect joke.

due to some edits and un flexible time windows I have faced, the second part of HOW TO CREATE THE PERFECT JOKE  will be released tomorrow. Sorry about that peeps! - Tim Cole-French


How to create the perfect joke -PART 1

If you are like me, you LOVE to pop in jokes to every single conversation you have. Now, you have probably heard the classic "a good joke takes the perfect timing" or "make sure it is delivered with drama" type things, but today, we go beyond those recommendations. We will discover how to create, the …

CAAP of the day

We all expected it, we knew of its approach, and now it is finally here. Welcome to CAAP 2017. Day one has been a wild ride, including a eventful first noontime show, many new students around campus and exciting new cases and experiences we may never forget. Let's go over some of the highlights... At …