A Little Personal: If I Had a Million Dollars

While I was reading back to my blog about Dubai I decided I want to come back to a interesting yet random question : what would I do with $1 million if I could do anything. Well, first. I would buy a small warehouse, Then train online as a Carpenter and plumber so I could for …


My Brief Review Of Cowspiracy

Hey everyone, Today I will be Briefly reviewing popular Vegan film Cowspiracy. (No Spoilers) FIRST LETS START WITH SOME BASIC FACTS - Cowspiracy was created by film creator kip anderson and was even assisted on by Leonardo DiCaprio - The film is currently released on Netflix, with more then 500,000 views - The film has a 4.3 …

NotYourAverage Notice ;-)

Hey peeps, sorry for the silence from me recently. I have been working on other articles and blogs so you should be hearing from me by tomorrow. But, for now, that is all I have to announce. See you guys soon. -NotYourAverageVegan