My dream Job. Part 4

Okay we’re here at math finals. I finish with a 77. I’m pretty upset. I do a lot of make-ups and I’m able to finish math with a solid A. All the rest of my classes had A’s or A+’s. I’d finished with straight A’s.

I continued to do weekly weekend livestreams. Life was great. Along the way I made friends. Friends I could trust and enjoy time with. I keep working hard and I reached one of my important goals: 500 subscribers.

I got more likes and views as my subscribers went up. I had to deal with one annoying thing though: Spam. Spam is someone either saying the same thing over and over the comments. Or someone saying one thing but commenting it on other people’s videos. Its one of the most annoying things any small YouTuber deals with. I’ve got people saying inappropriate things on my videos to just saying: Great video! Go sub to my channel and I’ll shout you out! Okay, no. These things annoy me so much. I just can’t explain. Luckily YouTube can take these likely spam comments and put them in the likely spam area. Therefore, I can choose to publish them to the public comments or delete them. I can choose to even report them. Spam just happens to be something I can’t control.

To wrap up part 4, I wanted to tell people: Yes. YouTube is my dream job. Getting there? That’s gonna be the journey.

Here are some more videos I suggest you check out from my channel.

Chanel trailer:

Some random videos:



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