My Brief Review Of Cowspiracy

Hey everyone,

Today I will be Briefly reviewing popular Vegan film Cowspiracy. (No Spoilers)

– Cowspiracy was created by film creator kip anderson and was even assisted on by Leonardo DiCaprio

– The film is currently released on Netflix, with more then 500,000 views

– The film has a 4.3 star rating on Netflix currently and a 4.2 star rating on IMDb

I would give this film probably a 4.7 star rating. There are some facts  that seem a bit biased or untrustworthy provided on their However, for me, it definitely does its job well and is very convincing. It was even the film that encouraged me to go vegan. Its facts and sources are mostly trustworthy using sources such as the UN. If you are wanting the summary or just can’t access the film just type in this link: . Well guys, that is all for today. I’ll see y’all in my next article.





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