A Little Personal: If I Had a Million Dollars

While I was reading back to my blog about Dubai I decided I want to come back to a interesting yet random question : what would I do with $1 million if I could do anything.

Well, first. I would buy a small warehouse, Then train online as a Carpenter and plumber so I could for free, recreate the warehouse to a cafe and use the building as an antique design to draw customers. I would build a strong public opinion of me by donating to charitys and use that to attract powerful employees. Using the rest of the money, I would pay for bills and help my family be placed in a better position. But not wasting any money on things I don’t need. I would slowly try to build my cafe and then one day at the peak of the business I would expand nationally, using public approval to help with the growth. Then, 10 years later, I would pass on the business to a young entrepreneur and take some retirement money with me. Move to wherever I want and then have as much fun as I want 😉

Note: This is my crazy version of what I would do with a million dollars, and not highly logical. So yeah, keep that in mind. 😉



3 Replies to “A Little Personal: If I Had a Million Dollars”

  1. That’s ummm. Interesting? I’d invest in stocks especially Apple ones. I’d definitely not want to be a plumber. Dude, what is going through your mind?! Plumber?! Seriously? Nooo just no. Bye


  2. I love this thinking, NYAV. One question: is it actually possible to become fully strained as a plumber without actually touching a toilet or sink?


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