Vegan Pets: My Opinion

Well guys today I decided to talk briefly on a controversial topic in the Vegan community. Vegan pets. So lets get right into the blog.

My personal opinion on vegan pets is that it is not necessary.  While most pets (cats and dogs) can break down herbivore foods it is not a preferred food. I think while one day stopping meat dog foods could be a pressing subject right now, unlike us, they don’t really have much of a choice. So that is my opinion on that subject.



3 Replies to “Vegan Pets: My Opinion”

  1. I’m going to make a point here. Giving a dog carrots isn’t honestly a good idea. I personally think that you should feed a dog meat. They need protein. Meat is one good source. Anyways please consider my ideas. 🙂 Okay bye.


    1. Veggies give you protein, dog or humans. It is just that with dogs their digestive systems aren’t designed perfectly enough to smoothly eat the cells in plants unlike us.


      1. Okay. I understand. I am going to argue though. Dogs are really usually eating meat so they really should be eating meat. That may not be enough but I guess its just better…


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