My Dream Job. Part 3

Okay I believe we’re here in May or June. I saw that I had 96 subscribers. Yikes! 4 more until 100. I decide to go and Livestream. Normally I don’t really Livestream but hey, I just need a few more subscribers. So I decide to stream.

Once I hit 100 subscribers I go crazy. Things start to look up. I get more views and I’m having fun. I decide to do weekly Livestreams every weekend. Honestly, I’d gain 100 every week.

I started getting fan mail, people asking for auto graphs, and people sending gifts in Animal Jam. Life was great. But the end of the year was approaching. People were waiting on me to upload. Lots of stress was starting to fall over me.

Okay guys. That’s part 3! Next time I get on the computers I’ll write part 4!


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