His (Excerpts) – Soledad

Author’s Note:

Dear Readers,

These are excerpts from a story that I wrote called His. I have not included the full story in this magazine because it is too long, and some of it is not  all CAAP-appropriate.

The first excerpt I have included is from the beginning of the original story, and is from Kayla’s perspective. She is the best friend of Shay (my protagonist), and her actions push Shay to run from a party, where she is later abducted by a man named Shadow. The second two excerpts are from Shay’s perspective, one from the beginning when she has trouble thinking for herself, and one from the end when she has learned to stand up for what she believes is right.



I rang the doorbell with Tyler by my side. A smiling Shay was on the other side, and she was holding Danny’s hand. I had always liked Danny– he had been my crush since forever, but unfortunately he had always been into Shay.

But tonight, I was planning on making him mine. I walked into her house and down the stairs to her basement. It had a table in the middle, a fluffy white rug on the ground, and about five different fluffy soft bean bags around the table. It smelled faintly like lavender.

We all sat down around the basement. I started in. “Let’s play Truth or Dare.”

Tyler went first.

“Truth or Dare, Tyler?” Shay asked.


“Do you love Kayla?”

“Yes, I do, “ he said looking lovingly at me.

If he does, he must have some sort of brain disease. Nobody loves me. It was my turn.

“Truth or Dare, Danny?”


“I dare you to kiss me,” I asked, smirking at Shay. I knew that he would kiss me because in our game if you backed down you were considered a coward. He leaned in and kissed me, and I swear I felt electricity. Then I saw Shay run up the stairs and out of the house, and the hurt expression on Tyler’s face.

Danny ran up the stairs after her, but she was long gone. I went to the window just as I saw her long braids disappear into the woods. What have I have done,  and what if I lose Shay forever?

Shay: Before

I ran out of the house screaming in frustration. I had just seen my boyfriend kiss another girl. Ugh. I felt so angry with myself. Why couldn’t I just stand up for myself? Why didn’t I pull her away from him and slap him and why didn’t I tell her we were done being friends?

I always seemed to have a problem standing up for myself. And now it was too late, too; now I lost my boyfriend and my best friend. I probably also lost myself.  

I walked along a line of trees, when I heard a noise. It was a soft sniffing sound. I walked towards the sound to help the person. Finally, a man that was curled up on the ground came into view. I tapped him.

“Are you okay, sir?”

He spun around grabbing my wrist and covering my mouth with his hand. I bit his wrist trying to get away from him, But he grabbed my hood and yanked me back into his arms. He was now choking me. I clawed at his hands as they suffocated me. I was struggling for breath when I blacked out.

Shay: After

I walked into the prison with Jade and Sunshine by my side. Sweat lined my palms as I prayed that my plan would go as I hoped.

I walked through the entrance and emptied my pockets. I had stashed the gun in my sports bra.  I waited for Sunshine as she went up to the guy who was monitoring the metal detector. She started flirting with him. I went through the metal detector quickly, with Jade right behind me.

When the red lights started flashing, the guard reluctantly looked away from Sunshine’s beauty and looked at Jade who had just gone through the metal detector. He then thoroughly searched her.

“I’m sorry, ma’am, this must have been a mistake.”

We then were led into a room with a glass and a door with another room that had a metal chair and table. We all stood waiting for Shadow to be led into the room.

We were all really anxious when we heard the creak of the door. Shadow was led in by two guards; they had chained his legs and handcuffed his hands. He sat down with a smirk on his face.

“My colors,” he breathed. “Sapphire, Jade, Sunshine,” he said with a smile.

“You will not call them that. Their names are Shay, Kendall and Lily, and that’s how you will address them,” our lawyer said in a firm tone.

“Where are the rest of you?” Shadow asked, with concern in his eyes. Where’s Clementine?”


Jade’s eyes filled with tears, and her face broke down into raw pain. She crumbed to the ground in loud heavy sobs.

“You killed her! “ Jade yelled, “You killed my best friend!” Her voice broke.

Shadow looked like he had been slapped. Sunshine bent down next to Jade, stroking her hair and letting her sob into her.

“But what about Violet, Scarlett?’’

And that is when I exploded.

“You are a sick murderer! You sick person, you can’t even remember stabbing Violet. Tell me Shadow, what did she ever do to you? She was the sweetest person I have ever met. She helped me get through the torture you put me through; she helped me give birth. She was the only one of us who saw the good in you, who loved you no matter what you did to her. She had to deal with your torture every day, and this is what you do to her? She was so innocent. And Scarlett, no you didn’t stab Scarlett but she committed suicide. Scarlett is gone! “ I screamed.

A single tear rolled down his face. But I kept going.

“She killed herself because of what you did to her. She fell in love with you, she trusted you even though you were a monster. You hurt her every single day, but finally she was happy because she had a baby. A tiny little creature who loved her, the thing she cherished the most. And because it was a girl, not a boy who you would later on teach your twisted ways, you took her baby. And from then on, she didn’t want to live. She couldn’t live with herself anymore.”

Shadow now had more tears rolling down his cheeks.

I was finished. I had found my voice.





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