My Dream Job. Part 2.

Okay! Back to part 2! My studies had taken over. I was about to take an exam that would show my placement for exam schools in my city. All I could care about were studies, studies, and maybe more studies. In November I’d take an exam that would determine my future.

And within the blink of an eye, I had taken the test. A big weight was lifted off my shoulders. Now I had no extra homework for test prep. I had more extra time in my life. Plus I was getting less and less homework because the Holidays were approaching.

For the first time in a few months I logged on to Animal Jam. I made a video. Unfortunately I deleted the video because there was a watermark on it. Anyway, I saw my subscribers were going up. Exiting, eh?

I started working more on making videos and uploading weekly. But as Christmas and Hanukah came along I took a brief break from making videos. Little did I know, that break would be a long one. But there would be excitement coming towards the end.

Here are a few links to my latest videos! Make sure that you comment, like and subscribe! No spamming!


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