My Dream Job. Part 1

Its very simple. You ask a child and they will probably say, “Well my dream job is… A firefighter! Police Man/Woman! A Doctor! Scientist!” And so on and so forth. Its quite annoying. When I was a child I was set on being a doctor or scientist. When my dad would ask me what I wanted to be the answer was simple. I wanted to blow things up.

Throughout my first few years of childhood, my mom found my artistic side. I had loved clay, painting, and anything artsy. I wanted to be an artist. My dad fought my mom on that one. He explained that I would go to college and be a scientist. Art would be my side job as an extra way to make money. I enjoyed both. So I listened to my dad.

Now we’ve made it to 2016. And I wanted to be a Vlogger. Hey! Its not even a word yet! I was always behind a camera or a computer. In April 2016, my life had completely changed.

Hold up! I need to explain what a vlog is! A vlog is a video blog. Basically behind a camera I would show my everyday life. Okay I’ll link a few vlogs down below.

I’d created a YouTube account. I wanted to make videos. Not exactly vlogs yet because my dad wouldn’t let me show my face on YouTube. I decided on a game called Animal Jam. Animal Jam is a fun online game. I have been playing since 2012! At first I thought gaining views and subscribers would be easy. I was completely wrong.

I started out with a crappy screen recorder and no mic. You couldn’t hear my voice and there where watermarks on my videos. But in Animal Jam there’s a chat feature. I could be filming and chatting on Animal Jam. YouTube provided me with some cheap music which I used.

I had no subscribers. Unless you count my sister, dad and some of my sister’s friends. Even though I got no views or likes and had 7 subscribers, I was having fun. My parents saw how much I loved YouTube. So for my birthday I asked for a $50 mic. It was great quality and now I had a mic to use for my videos! I still had a watermark in the corner of my videos though.

After a few months I’d gained 50 subscribers. It was the beginning of 6th grade, I had completely forgot about YouTube. I was focusing on my studies. I had no time for the computer.

Okay! That’s part one of My Dream Job! I’ll be back later for part 2!

The best vlogger in the history of vlogs:

One of my recent videos on YouTube:


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