My Favorite Book.

Today I wanted to talk about my favorite book. It does seem kinda stu- nope! Let me re-phrase that. It seems kinda boring. Sure. But I used to blog about books in school. So I wanted to blog about one now! My favorite book of all time would have to be:


Yep. It was a great book. Here’s why.

I tend to enjoy books that have adventure in them. Sure, Harry Potter is a great book, but theres more out there. In this book we experience adventure (duh!), excitement, and dogs. Not exactly all dogs but one of the main characters is a dog. In this book we start out with Girl. She has no name. She lives in the orphanage. Life is boring. One night while she’s sitting outside, a dog appears. Not just any dog, a dog with a heart. This dog brings Girl food every night. He comforts her. Then Girl decides to run away. She doesn’t know where to go. But, along the way she finds her name. Now I can’t just spoil the whole story! Anyway its a great book! Totally a 4.99/5!


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