Where I’m From – Anavi Eagar

I am from shiny leather saddles
From Ben and Jerry’s Ice cream and colored pencils,
scattered on my floor
I am from my bedroom walls
scribbled with words written in black marker
dancing across the yellow paint
I am from the willow tree out front
Its big pink flowers swaying in the w a ind.
I am from Christmas sleep overs with Tina and Tintu
and long road trips to Eastham
I am from Auntie Raju and Aunt Mo
from “Stop fighting” and “I love you”
From “Be yourself” and “Just let it go”
I’m from Thanksgiving dinners and Diwali lights
From Somerville and Kolkata
Dad’s spaghetti and meatballs, and Mom’s chicken curry
From a long red row boat, gliding across the Charles
And from a horse’s back, cantering through the woods
I am from old, worn photos of our family,
stored in random shelves,
waiting to be looked at,
once again.


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