Where I’m From – Anna Rahilly

I am from amber autumns,
whose crisp breezes bite my cheeks.
I am from barren winters,
whose ice-kissed wind I cannot escape.
I am from fleeting summers
whose golden rays sit atop my skin.

I am from ballpoint pens
with ink jet as night.
I am from baby pink lipstick and warm hugs
that swallow me after a long day.

I am from calloused hands
and squeaky dress shoes
strewn across the floor.
I am from forest eyes
that turn electric in the sun.

I am from shared mascara,
worn to concerts
Where we screamed every word.
I am from lush backyards
where whispers tickle my ears
and laughter numbs my cheeks.

I am from “Don’t stop!”
and “Keep pushing!”
I am from sore limbs
and damp towels.

I am from memories
forever etched into my brain.


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