Hello blog readers. Today I wanted to take about something a lot of people have: Phones. Today I had writers’ block so bear with me! Okay phones. There is many types of phones, smart phones and un-smart phones. When phones were first invented, they had one purpose- calling. Now in 2017 phones aren’t used very much for calling. Mostly playing games, taking pictures, and texting.

I’m confused with the point of phones now. I seem to be stuck in a time where phones aren’t used as phones. I’ll even admit that I use my phone more for Snapchat than for calling people.

One other thing I wanted to touch on was Apple. If you’re not familiar with it, they are a technology. Very advanced stuff if you ask me. I own an iPhone 7, an Apple watch, and an iPad. If you own any Apple devices you’ll know that Gigabytes matter. A lot.

Gigabytes, or Gigs are your storage. They are the capacity of what you can have on a phone. On the new iPhone 7 you can have up to 256 gigs!! AAAAGH! I have 128. It is a lot.

Besides iPhone 7s and gigabyte capacity, I wanted to wrap this. To be honest, phones don’t matter. There is much more to life than just phones. I know this article won’t move you but… maybe just think about what I’ve said.

Here are some videos that don’t get into too much detail about my devices:


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