A Little Personal: My Dream Vacation

Hey Peeps,
I know it is basically my second day on this account, but I am gonna take a brief break from that to explain myself in a question: What is my dream vacation spot?/What would I do there? So, this is one of my favorite topics and something I have been wanting to explore since I knew of it. My dream vacation spot would be…


Pretty exotic,  eh?

Well, I love it. I’ve been doing some research about Dubai for a year now (spread out obviously) and while on the surface it seems tourism in Dubai is limited to just shopping and exploring (which are fun on their own) THERE IS SO MUCH MORE!

Sadly, Dubai doesn’t go back too far, so there isn’t a lot of history to the city, but that doesn’t limit the fun.

Dubai’s unique structure includes amazing swims and boating action, including paddle boating on the coast of the Arabian Peninsula. There are three waterparks, Dolphin Bay, Aquaventure Waterpark and Wild Wadi Waterpark. With two of them built on a MAN BUILT PALM TREE ISLAND!!!

Sound fun yet? Doesn’t end there, in Dubai you can find 4 of the the tallest buildings in the world INCLUDING the number one spot, some people even say you can see the curve of the world at the top of the Burj Khalifa.

Need a place to rest? Dubai has some of the most exotic and beautiful hotels on the planet, including a hotel that even went underground!

Dubai is full of fun, beautiful beaches, amazing dining, exotic restaurants (that probably aren’t vegan) For my personal opinion, it is probably the best place on earth and I hope to one day visit it.



3 Replies to “A Little Personal: My Dream Vacation”

  1. Very interesting. You’re making me want to visit Dubai! Possibly live there… Any who my dream place to visit would be… France, Spain, Hawaii, LA, *COUGH* Out of breath there. Heh heh. Okay thats my comment.



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