NotYourAverageVegan Introduction

Hola people of the world, today I am excited to introduce you to a new series of blog posts I came with up with. You see… I am a vegan. I was very hesitant to release this information in regards to the controversy it usually sparks. However, I was determined to find the perfect idea to blog about and Veganism gets pretty darn close.

So, ladies and gentlemen let me quickly introduce myself and my history. The first day I committed to being vegan was around christmas 2016. The start was pretty rough, and I faltered once or twice, but every day after that I kept my stance. I must say, it has been a pretty encouraging experience (sometimes depressing) I’ve seen some amazing documentaries about the benefits, and what I was doing to help the world, and my body. I’ve been able to try new recipes, dine at new places and altogether experience a new lifestyle. While I won’t go into too much detail for this one article, Stay Tuned! More content is too come. I’ll see you guys on the other side ; )




4 Replies to “NotYourAverageVegan Introduction”

    1. good question, At first it was very irritating but after a while I built a tolerance to it. Sometimes change takes time.


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