Stories Of Lenard The Inch-Worm (Entry #2)

Dear Diary,

Guess what? Today, my mom went to go visit her caterpillar friends, and she took me with her! Finally I got to meet them! Although this may be kind of cheesy, I finally got to be a grown up worm! I’m a big kid now! When mom took me, there was a honey bowl, and a sap bowl, and even some pinecones to munch on! Man, her friends must be living the high life! But, here’s the thing…. I made a fool of myself. Here’s how:

I was heading towards the honey bowl, when my tail got too sticky and stuck to the floor. When I finally pulled it free, I had so much force that I flew off, knocking into the sap bowl, and the honey bowl! Now, they were both VERY big bowls mind you, so in a pool of honey and sap, I got stuck (again, just in a different way). It was terrible, even though it tasted and smelled very good. I had to call for my mom like a very little worm (no more big worm) and it was embarrassing! But, then when I got home, my mom had invited some of my friends over…that was great! After such an annoying day, I could just sit back and enjoy the wonderful company of my friends! It turned out all right in the end! Yay! Another exciting day complete!




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