36 Years and Still Going Strong; Welcome Back To CAAP!

Creative Arts At Park has been around for 36 years, and has created an amazing reputation during that time. CAAP is known among campers for being a really welcoming place where they can choose their activities personally to their interests, and there are so many options to choose from. From Afro-Caribbean Dance, to Karate, to Art, To A-CAAP-Ella, campers can really test their limits and try new things, which is fantastic! Now that camp is back in session, I believe it might be interesting to learn a little bit more about the history of CAAP; Who started it? How come it has been around for so long? Why were people interested in it? Keep reading, and you’ll find out.

I decided to interview Kippy (a director of the camp), to see if I could learn a little more about the backstory of Creative Arts At Park. Well, let me just say my “mission” exceeded expectations. After interviewing Kippy, I finally was able to realize how CAAP came to be the way it is today. Here is what sparked the camp we all love:

In 1981, Kippy was working at the Charles River Creative Art Program, running the drama department. The Charles River Creative Art Program (lets just call it the CRA) was very successful, and many happy campers wanted to be able to participate in this fun, outdoor-based camp. But that was just the problem, for along with being very successful, there was always that amount of campers that had to be turned away for matters of space. The CRA and Kippy wanted to start another camp elsewhere, one that could be very successful too, with even more activities. Kippy believed that it was important to engage in not just one type of art, but many. So, unlike the CRA, CAAP would have fencing, dance, music, art, sports, and everything else that would please. Although the two were similar in some ways, the “culture and feeling” of CAAP is one like no other, one that everybody can enjoy (one that everybody can look forward to for summertime!). Now, after 36 years, CAAP is still being enjoyed and loved by everyone! 36 years, and still going strong, all because of Kippy; three cheers for her!


By: Madison M.





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